In its 2020 guide to the top lawyers and law firms in the United States, Chambers USA ranked Pillsbury as a leader in 28 practice areas across the country, with 79 Pillsbury lawyers earning 87 individual recognitions. Of the 115 total rankings achieved by Pillsbury this year, 28 individuals and 13 practices were named among the very best nationwide.

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Aaron M. Oser, Aimee P. Ghosh, Alex D. Tomaszczuk, Andrew M. Troop, Benjamin M. Dean, Brian R. Bodor, Carrie L. Bonnington, Carley Roberts, Charles F. Donley II, Christian A. Salaman, Christopher H. Patay, Christopher R. Wall, Clark Thiel, Craig E. Chason, David S. Baxter, David T. Dekker, David F. Klein, David L. Miller, David Stanton, Edward A. Cavazos, Elina Teplinsky, Elizabeth Vella Moeller, Hugh M. Ray, III, Jack S. Barufka, Jacob R. Sorensen, James L. Alberg, Jay E. Silberg, Jeffrey J. Delaney, Jeffrey R. Gans, Jeffrey D. Hutchings, Jeffrey S. Merrifield, Jeffrey M. Vesely, John L. Barton, John R. Heisse, John E. Jensen, Joseph D. Jean, Joseph E. Kendall, Josh Romanow, Julie A. Divola, Kevin M. Fong, Laura Jennings Ochoa, Margaret Rosegay, Maria T. Galeno, Mark E. Elliott, Mark R. Hellerer, Mark N. Lessard, Mark J. Plumer, Matthew W. Morrison, Matthew B. Swartz, Michael Evan Jaffe, Michael Kosnitzky, Michael S. McNamara, Nancy A. Fischer, Patrick A. Doody, Peter M. Gillon, Roxane A. Polidora, Scott R. Flick, Sheila McCafferty Harvey, Stephan E. Becker, Stephanie J. Langan, Steven Kaplan, Steven L. Meltzer, Tamara D. Bruno, William P. Atkins, James M. Rishwain, Jr., Melissa C. Lesmes, Asset Finance, Aviation, Aerospace & Transportation - Regulatory, Aviation, Aerospace & Transportation, Aviation Finance, Bank & Leveraged Finance, Communications, Construction, Retail, Ecommerce & Consumer Brands, Cybersecurity, Data Protection & Privacy, Energy, Energy Capital Markets, Derivatives & Structured Products, Environmental & Natural Resources, Executive Compensation & Benefits, Global Sourcing & Technology Transactions, Government Contracts & Disputes, Government Contracts & Disputes, Health Care, Insolvency & Restructuring, Insolvency & Restructuring, Insolvency & Restructuring, Intellectual Property, International Trade, Mergers & Acquisitions, Private Equity, Government Law & Strategies, Real Estate, Real Estate, Litigation, Antitrust & Competition, Cartel Investigations & Litigation, Corporate Investigations & White Collar Defense, Foreign Corrupt Practices Act & Global Anti-Corruption, Wine, Beer & Spirits Law, Bankruptcy, Real Estate Insolvency & Reorganization, Real Estate Insolvency & Reorganization, Real Estate Insolvency & Reorganization, Creditors’ Rights, Creditors’ Rights, Creditors’ Rights, Chapter 11, Chapter 11, Chapter 11, Financial Industry Group, Financial Industry Group, Financial Industry Group, Insurance Recovery & Advisory, Real Estate & Construction, Technology, Chapter 15, Cross-Border & International Insolvency, Chapter 15, Cross-Border & International Insolvency, Chapter 15, Cross-Border & International Insolvency