Join host Joel Simon and guests as they discuss important and emerging topics impacting the financial services industry in 15 minutes or less. 

Episode #14: Aviation Finance and The Industry

Richard Evans joins Joel to talk about changes that COVID-19 has had on the commercial aircraft, private jet and aviation industry.


Episode #13: Monetizing Intellectual Property Portfolios

Drew Schulte and Joel discuss how IP portfolios can serve as a viable lifeline for businesses and strategic investments.


Episode #12: A Perfect Storm for Corruption and Money Laundering

Joel and Aaron Hutman discuss the heightened global risks of corruption, fraud and money laundering relating to international business, banking and the procurement of goods and services in high demand during times of crisis.


Episode #11: “New” Found Money - The Appropriations Process

Joel and Elizabeth Vella Moeller discuss the federal appropriations process and uncovering alternative sources of funds when businesses and their advisors think outside the stimulus box.


Episode #10: Cost-effective Strategies for Preserving Employeees

Joel and Jessica Lutrin discuss executive compensation, cash preservation techniques and retaining and re-incentivizing employees.


Episode #9: Virtual Currency, Digital Securities and Stablecoins

Daniel Budofsky joins Joel to talk about cryptocurrencies—including Bitcoin and stablecoins—as well as digital securities and the death rattle of the SAFTs and ICOs.


Episode #8: Market Activity and the World of Funds

Joel Simon is joined by David Taylor for a discussion of opportunity and activist funds, and choices for investors to deploy capital, including acquiring midstream and upstream energy assets.


Episode #7: Real Estate and Financial Strategies

Caroline Harcourt joins Joel to discuss the impact of COVID-19 across the real estate sector, including forbearance requests to lenders, the impact on leasing and the opportunities and challenges down the road.


Episode #6: PPP Loans and the Main Street Lending Program
Joel and Matt Swartz discuss PPP Loans and the soon-to-be-launched Main Street Lending Program, including future implications for a borrower that might be sold in an M&A transaction.


Episode #5: International Public Policy and the EU Perspective
Joel is joined by Matt Oresman for a discussion of the state of play on major stimulus and response efforts, the EU Green Deal, and emerging markets (including the effects on tourism).


Episode #4: The Pivot
Pillsbury Crisis Management team co-leader Amanda Halter joins Joel to discuss the psychology of a crisis and how to pivot from a reactive response to a proactive one.


Episode #3: The CARES Act and Oversight
Joel and Craig Saperstein discuss Congressional and Executive Branch oversight of CARES Act spending and provide some recommendations for navigating this new regulatory landscape.


Episode #2: Social Engineering and the Escalations of Cyber Scams
Joel is joined by cybersecurity guru Brian Finch as they discuss social engineering, fund diversion scams, and the recent escalation of state-sponsored cyber attacks.


Episode #1: Trade Finance 
Russell DaSilva joins Joel to discuss issues such as the deferral and/or renegotiating of payments for goods and services, and financial assistance offered by the government.