Join host Joel Simon and guests as they discuss important and emerging topics impacting various industries in 15 minutes or less. 

Episode #21: SPAC Trends, Advantages and Obstacles
Davina Kaile joins Joel to share insights into SPACs (special purpose acquisition companies) and why this IPO and acquisition vehicle has skyrocketed in popularity.



Episode #20:
From Baby Boomers to Millennials: Transitioning the Family Office
with Melina Spadone

Episode #19:
Recent SEC Rule Changes Affecting Companies and Investors
with Dave Baxter

Episode #18: 
The Energy Transition

with Elina Teplinsky

Episode #17:
Hotels & Hospitality: Opportunities, New Strategies and Future Transformation
with Christian Salaman

Episode #16:
The Effect of COVID-19 on Estate Planning

with Jenny Jordan McCall

Episode #15:
Political Law, the Pandemic and the Coming Election Season
with Cassie Lentchner

Episode #14:
Aviation Finance and the Airline Industry
with Richard Evans

Episode #13:
Monetizing Intellectual Property Portfolios
with Drew Schulte

Episode #12:
COVID-19 Creates a Perfect Storm for Corruption and Money Laundering
with Aaron Hutman

Episode #11:
“New” Found Money and the Appropriations Process
with Elizabeth Vella Moeller

Episode #10:
Cost-Effective Strategies for Preserving Employees
with Jessica Lutrin 

Episode #9:
Virtual Currency, Digital Securities and Stablecoins

with Daniel Budofsky

Episode #8:
Volatility, Opportunism and White Knights: Market Activity and the World of Funds
with David Taylor

Episode #7:
Real Estate and Financial Strategies during COVID-19
with Caroline Harcourt

Episode #6:
PPP Loans and the Main Street Lending Program
with Matt Swartz

Episode #5:
International Public Policy and the EU Perspective
with Matt Oresman

Episode #4:
Crisis Management and the Pivot
with Amanda Halter

Episode #3:
The CARES Act and Oversight
with Craig Saperstein

Episode #2:
Social Engineering and the Escalations of Cyber Scams
with Brian Finch

Episode #1: 
Trade Finance and the Complications of COVID-19
with Russell DaSilva