Join host Joel Simon and guests as they discuss important and emerging topics impacting various industries in 15 minutes or less. 

Episode #28: A Deep Dive into the CTA (Part 1)

Andrew Weiner joins Joel to describe the Corporate Transparency Act (CTA), its purpose, what led to its passage, and how it intersects with Customer Due Diligence (CDD) rules and the Know Your Customer (KYC) requirements of the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN).


Episode #27
The State of Play: Brexit and the Financial Services Industry
with Victoria Judd

Episode #26
The Real Estate Market – Warehouses, Ports and Addition by Subdivision
with Steve Hamilton


Episode #25
Energy Transition, Hydrogen & the Color Palette
with Sheila Harvey

Episode #24:
Board Governance and the "E" in ESG
with Jon Ocker

Episode #23:
Diversity in the Boardroom
with Allison Leopold Tilley

Episode #22:
Real Estate Market Update
with Bob Grados

Episode #21:
SPAC Trends, Advantages and Obstacles
with Davina Kaile

Episode #20:
From Baby Boomers to Millennials: Transitioning the Family Office
with Melina Spadone

Episode #19:
Recent SEC Rule Changes Affecting Companies and Investors
with Dave Baxter

Episode #18: 
The Energy Transition

with Elina Teplinsky

Episode #17:
Hotels & Hospitality: Opportunities, New Strategies and Future Transformation
with Christian Salaman

Episode #16:
The Effect of COVID-19 on Estate Planning

with Jenny Jordan McCall

Episode #15:
Political Law, the Pandemic and the Coming Election Season
with Cassie Lentchner

Episode #14:
Aviation Finance and the Airline Industry
with Richard Evans

Episode #13:
Monetizing Intellectual Property Portfolios
with Drew Schulte

Episode #12:
COVID-19 Creates a Perfect Storm for Corruption and Money Laundering
with Aaron Hutman

Episode #11:
“New” Found Money and the Appropriations Process
with Elizabeth Vella Moeller

Episode #10:
Cost-Effective Strategies for Preserving Employees
with Jessica Lutrin 

Episode #9:
Virtual Currency, Digital Securities and Stablecoins

with Daniel Budofsky

Episode #8:
Volatility, Opportunism and White Knights: Market Activity and the World of Funds
with David Taylor

Episode #7:
Real Estate and Financial Strategies during COVID-19
with Caroline Harcourt

Episode #6:
PPP Loans and the Main Street Lending Program
with Matt Swartz

Episode #5:
International Public Policy and the EU Perspective
with Matt Oresman

Episode #4:
Crisis Management and the Pivot
with Amanda Halter

Episode #3:
The CARES Act and Oversight
with Craig Saperstein

Episode #2:
Social Engineering and the Escalations of Cyber Scams
with Brian Finch

Episode #1: 
Trade Finance and the Complications of COVID-19
with Russell DaSilva